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IC Systems Upgrades Ad Broadcaster

IC Systems this week announced the latest release of its IC Ad Broadcaster software with enhancements that include background loading of content pages and remote cross network serving.

IC Ad Broadcaster ads enable the content pages to load in the background while advertisements are running. According to Tom Amon, IC Systems CEO: "While ads play, subsequent content pages are transparently loading in the background from the server. In many cases when the ad is finished the next page is already loaded."

The ads are actually "broadcast" from the Ad Broadcaster server, not a typically "Client Reliant" file, according to Amon.

The new remote network functionality allows advertisers to implement and control large cross network campaigns. Each ad may appear on hundreds of Web sites at once at a specific time. The Internet Commercial or "IC" uses IC Broadcaster technology to serve full screen "TV-like" commercials that can be promoted on Web sites without any additional programming, according to IC Systems.

The IC ads are administered from the server side, and may be scheduled to run on specific sites at specific times. This server side broadcast also prevents the filtering of ads using programs such as @guard.

For additional information about IC Ad Broadcaster, or to take a tour that includes demos of Broadcast advertising, visit the IC Ad Broadcaster Web site.