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NetBeans Brews Java IDE Beta

NetBeans, Inc. today announced the release of NetBeans Developer 2.0, Beta 3, the last beta launched prior to the full release, slated for the beginning of Q4.

NetBeans, actually written in Java, is a full-featured Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is based on Swing/JFC. The tool is an object oriented, visual programming environment that is based on JavaBeans components. NetBeans is an extensible tool that runs on any platform that supports the JDK 1.1.x, including Win95/98/NT, Apple Mac, Linux, OS/2, Solaris, HP-UX, Irix, and others.

New features in the latest beta version include new Form Editor functions and a new Connection Wizard, along with improvements in performance and stability. The Form Editor now includes support for Swing borders, a feature that was often requested by beta testers of the tool. The Connection Wizard is a visual programming tool which allows developers to assemble applications without manually writing any code. The usual learning curve for the Java developer is minimized by NetBeans use of wizards, templates, and other intuitive programming tools.

The NetBeans IDE is full-featured, and includes:

  • a JFC-based form editor
  • full Java Bean support
  • an integrated Java debugger
  • a text editor with syntax coloring
  • a pluggable look and feel
  • full support for layout managers
  • applet generation support
  • multiple virtual desktops

The latest beta release of NetBeans Developer 2.0 is available now and may be downloaded from the NetBeans Web site. The final release of NetBeans Developer 2.0 is scheduled to be released in 4Q98 with a retail price of $149.