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SwingBuilder Set for Download

SwingSoft Ltd today announced that evaluation copies of the latest release of SwingBuilder, version 1.0.1, are available for download from the Swingsoft Ltd. Web site.

The full release of SwingBuilder 1.0.1 is scheduled to be released later this month.

SwingSoft is billing SwingBuilder as one of the most advanced Java Graphic User Interface Designers currently available. The product has been certified as 100% Pure Java, and tested on many of the leading development platforms.

Unlike other Java IDEs, SwingBuilder is similar to Microsoft's Visual Basic in that it stores an application's User Interface (UI) in a separate file. The newest release of SwingBuilder enables the user to draw the user interface and associate events between controls or from controls to controller objects. Controllers are the tool's method of avoiding mixing the UI initialization code with the actual application code.

SwingBuilder uses a small runtime system that automatically decodes the GUI and associates the events from the components to the controller.

Features of SwingBuilder include:

  • Total Visual Interaction
  • No Messy Code Generation
  • Strong Support for JFC/Swing Components
  • Strong Support for Generic JavaBeans
  • Supports All Look and Feels
  • Automatic Event/Callback Handling
  • No Runtime License Fee

For additional information about SwingBuilder, or to download an evaluation copy, visit the SwingSoft Ltd. Web site.