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alphaWorks Adds Business Intelligence Tools

IBM's alphaWorks announced the latest additions to the alphaWorks Web site, the Business Intelligence Tools suite.

The suite of Java-based statistical analysis and datamining tools is designed to perform business intelligence functions.

IBM said companies will be able to use their existing information to differentiate themselves from the growing market share. IBM cites predictions from Palo Alto Management Group, stating that the fast-growing business intelligence market is predicted to be worth as much as $70 billion by the turn of the century according.

IBM's Business Intelligence Tools suite recently were posted on the alphaWorks Web site, and utilizes several technologies that are currently available from alphaWorks at no charge.

Technologies featured in the Business Solutions Suite include:

  • Internet Sales Predictor - a "highly focused application of data mining operations" used to anticipate the product preferences of a visitor, based on previous "shopping basket" experiences.

  • CViz - a visualization tool used for analyzing high-dimensional data in large, complex data sets. The CViz tool loads the data sets, displays the most important factors, and provides full-motion visualization of the data clusters.

  • Interactive Miner - a data mining tool that uses association rules to determine sales relationships between items in sales transaction databases.

  • Profile Miner - an online data mining tool that tracks the relationship between a consumer's profile (including factors such as age, sex, salary range, etc.) and buying behavior.

For additional information about the Business Intelligence Tools suite, or to download the software, visit IBM's alphaWorks Web site.