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Cyberprise Developer Studio Debuts

Wall Data Inc. this week announced Cyberprise Developer Studio, a suite of tools for developing Web applications that integrates legacy systems and corporate data.

Cyberprise Developer Studio includes tools necessary for developers to create and test applications which run on the Cyberprise Web-application server platform. The suite contains the following Cyberprise products:

  • Cyberprise Server - a Web application server that enables organizations to deliver intranet, extranet, and Internet business solutions.

  • Cyberprise Host - an integrated solution for those seeking secure, direct, scaleable, and persistent access to mission-critical business applications driven by host systems.

  • Cyberprise Host Developer - a comprehensive development kit that enables developers to create and customize Web-based host applications using ActiveX controls.

  • Cyberprise DBApp Developer - database tools that use state-of-the-art Web technologies for developing and deploying Web applications from existing or new databases.

  • Cyberprise InfoPublisher - a comprehensive solution for publishing reports, queries, OLAP cubes and documents to the Web.

  • Cyberprise Report, Query, & Cube Designer - enables users to build reports, queries and multidimensional cubes with point-and-click simplicity.

  • RUMBA OBJECTX Development Kit V1.2 - a development tool for building Internet and LAN-based custom applications.

Wall Data said use of the Cyberprise Developer Studio is primarily for the creation of database-driven Web applications, generation of business intelligence reports, development and customization of host access applications using COM components, and to provide graphical user interfaces to character-based mainframe and AS/400 applications.

Cyberprise Developer Studio is based on open industry standards, including ActiveX/COM, ASP, XML and HTML. The suite supports the use of standard development tools for seamless integration into the developer's existing development environments.

Cyberprise Developer Studio will be available for purchase in October for a retail price of $25,000, and will include five licenses for Cyberprise Server 2.0, Enterprise Edition for Windows NT. For additional information, visit the Wall Data Inc. Web site.