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ServerSentinel Aimed At Webmasters

RomeBlack this week announced its new Web Site Monitoring Program, ServerSentinel.

ServerSentinel is a Java based application designed to allow Webmasters to monitor their Web servers, ensuring a consistant network responsiveness.

ServerSentinel guards a Web server's uptime by monitoring a specified port at selected intervals. The server administrator is notified immediately via e-mail when a server is unresponsive. The RomeBlack ServerSentinel then continues to send e-mail alerts at user-specified intervals until the Web server is back online.

This ServerSentinel program can be an indispensable tool for the Webmaster. It enables the Webmaster to choose specific Web servers, ports, defaults, monitoring frequencies and target e-mail addresses for ServerSentinel to monitor.

ServerSentinel is available for any Java-enabled machine, and as such is compatible with UNIX, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft WinNT and Apple Macintosh. The tool is provided free of charge, and may be freely used and distributed according to the licensing agreement included in the program. For additional information, or to download the ServerSentinel software, visit the new Fuel section of the RomeBlack Web site.