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NetBeans Brews Clouds In Your Coffee

NetBeans, Inc. and Cloudscape Inc. this week announced that NetBeans will ship Cloudscape's embeddable Java database with upcoming releases of NetBeans, its all-Java IDE based on Swing/JFC.

The Cloudscape database will be bundled with NetBeans Developer 2.0, and is expected to be available in November 1998. The combination will allow developers to create Java applications which integrate a fully functional, lightweight object-relational database manager.

NetBeans Developer 2.0 is written in 100% Java, and is based on Sun's Java Foundation Classes framework. The tool is a full-featured, object oriented, visual programming environment. It is available for any platform that supports JDK 1.1.x, such as Win95/98/NT, Apple Mac, Linux, OS/2, Solaris, HP-UX, Irix and others. NetBeans Developer 2.0 features the cross-platform compatibility of Java and simplicity that comes from using a visual RAD programming environment.

The NetBeans IDE will be available in both a Developer and Enterprise version. The Developer version was created with the individual developer in mind, while the Enterprise version was designed to be a multi-user, multi-platform product.

NetBeans Developer 2.0 is expected to be released in early in the fourth quarter of 1998 for a retail price of $149. The IDE will be free for non-commercial and educational use. Additional information about NetBeans Enterprise will be announced later this month.