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First Two-Way Corporate Portal Tool Unveiled

DataChannel, Inc. today announced the release of DataChannel RIO 3.1, the first Intranet framework to enable two-way corporate portals through the use of a unified, browser-based interface.

The latest release of DataChannel RIO is a significant upgrade from the 3.0 version. There are numerous features and usability enhancements to the product, including in-browser publishing capabilities.

Additionally, DataChannel RIO's cross-platform server capabilities have been enhanced. DataChannel RIO is a popular add-to Microsoft NT and Microsoft IIS, and it can now be added to the Netscape Enterprise Server and Apache Web server as well.

Enhancements key to this release include:

  • DataChannel RIO users have the added option of Saving to the Web within their browser through HTML as well as added Active X technology supported by Microsoft.

  • Searching Capabilities includes Meta-data searching and Microsoft Index Server integration, which provides users with two tools they need to provide fast, relevant searches.

  • Installation improvements can deploy DataChannel RIO in a Windows NT/IIS environment or utilize the updated UNIX installation supporting Netscape Enterprise Server or Apache Web server.

  • Data Integration extensions includes "jumpstart" kits for Microsoft Active Server pages and Lotus Notes.

DataChannel RIO product also includes an Open API which enables customization and optimization of a solution, centralized administration and control, and instant content distribution and management.

DataChannel RIO 3.1 is available now, starting at $9,500 for the DataChannel RIO server for Windows NT and $14,500 for DataChannel RIO for Unix. For additional information, or to download a free 45-day trial version, visit the DataChannel Web site.