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Do An All-Encompassing Domain Name Search

Alldomains.com, a provider of global domain name registration services, announced that Internet users can now search the entire WWW for domain names in every currently recognized domain extension, for free at www.alldomains.com.

Alldomains.com's Allsearch querying tool searches more than 675 currently recognized domain extensions including .com, .net, .org, as well as all country code domains and their subdomains.

Unlike other domain searchers that check .com/.net/.org and the top level country codes, Allsearch checks every known sub-domain of every domain. For example, a name may not be taken in the UK's commercial .co.uk, but it may be taken in .ltd.uk or .plc.uk, two other less-known commercial subdomains.

Alldomains.com is the official registrar for .AC, .AM, .CC, .MS, .NU. SH., .TC., .TJ. .TO and .VG domains. In addition, Alldomains.com provides registration for and information on all other country-code domains.