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Servertec Announces Release of Java-based iServer

Servertec today announced the release of iServer, its scalable, platform-independent Java-based Web server.

iServer can be used for both static Web pages and dynamic, data driven Web pages using Java Servlets, iScript, Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and Server Side Includes (SSI).

The iServer Web server is a robust, scalable platform that enables individuals, work groups and corporations to establish a presense on the Internet. The server provides a suitable environment for building and deploying Web-based, cross-platform business applications.

Features of the iServer Web server include:

  • Platform Independence - iServer is pure Java and will run on any Java-capable platform.
  • Open Standards - iServer supports open standards such as Java, Java Servlet API, HTTP, CGI, SSI, HTML, TCP/IP, RMI, JDBC, ODBC and CORBA.
  • High Performance Web Engine - iServer is developed around a high performance Wb engine.
  • Extensible Architecture - iServer can be easily expanded using Servlets, CGI and iScript.
  • Scalable Solution - Using server-side redirection and Servlets enables developers to create robust, scalable solutions.
  • Fault Tolerant - Java provides a robust environment for serving Web pages and running server side internet applications.
  • Object Oriented - Developers create object oriented reusable modules (servlets) which encapsulate business logic.
  • n-Tier Solution - iServer is an intergral part of a client/server computing; the Web Browser provides the presentation, the Web Server provides page delivery, the Application Server provides the business logic and the Database Server provides storage and retrieval of information.
  • Data Access - Use JDBC to create data-driven Web-based applications that have access to a variety of data sources.
  • Tiny Foot Print - iServer uses 65K for the base package and under 120K for the rest.
  • Server Side Scripting - Using iScript dynamic and data driven web pages can be easily generated from templates.
  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI) - Fully supports the Common Gateway Interface.
  • Server Side Includes (SSI) - iServer generates pages that use Server Side Includes.
  • Session States - Provides support for maintaining information specific to a user session.
  • Web-based Administration - Using a Web brower, administrators can easily manage iServer.
  • Fully Configurable - Developers can easily reconfigure iServer by editing simple text files and HTML pages.
  • Log Files - iServer generates detailed logs of server access, errors and events.
  • Online Documentation - All iServer documentation is available as Web pages.
  • Other- Supports other functionality found in professional Web servers.

For additional information about iServer, or to download the free iServer preview release, visit the iServer Web site.