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Softway Unveils First Certified UNIX Environment for Windows NT

Softway Systems, Inc. Wednesday unveiled INTERIX -- the first product to achieve UNIX branding on Windows NT.

INTERIX gives large companies an efficient way to deploy UNIX applications on Windows NT and realize immediate cost savings and ease-of-use benefits. INTERIX supplies industry standard UNIX application programming interfaces and other interfaces, such as shells, over 300 commands, daemons and other interoperability technology. As a result, customers can run UNIX applications on Windows NT that are fully integrated with the desktop and subsystem services in Windows NT.

"We are excited that INTERIX lets customers re-host their legacy UNIX applications on the Windows NT platform," said Jim Allchin, senior vice president at Microsoft. "Customers benefit because INTERIX protects past investments in UNIX applications while fully leveraging the power of Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server."

Wednesday's announcement is the result of a long-term, binding agreement that Softway Systems has entered into with The Open Group, owners of the UNIX trademark, to certify INTERIX as a fully compliant UNIX product.

Final UNIX certification will be based upon the current Interix 2.2 release. Therefore, customers can immediately begin to re-host their UNIX applications on Windows NT. Final branding will include a certified hardware platform, which will be announced in the next 45 days. Qualified customers can obtain a free evaluation copy from the company's Web site.