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Speeding the Net With SiteAccelerator

NetCognition recently announced the release of its first product, SiteAccelerator, which enables developers to dramatically improve the speed of their Web sites.

The product is based upon NetCognition's patent pending technology, which combines a statistical prediction engine with a "pre-fetching agent" to use idle bandwidth to download un-viewed pages to users machines.

SiteAccelerator was officially launched at Fall Internet World in NYC. The product offers developers an easy way to accelerate their Web sites. An entire site can be upgraded in this fashion in as little as 15 minutes, while the waiting time for users is dramatically shortened.

According to NetCognition CEO Eitan Ron, "...we can accelerate Web sites in the range of 2-5 times of what they are currently running at and it is an end-to-end acceleration and not just solving a local bottleneck. Our product differs from existing acceleration technologies and is not based on compression, quality of service or hardware-based technologies."

The product retails for $495, and can be downloaded for free until Oct. 31, 1998 from the NetCognition Web site.