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CodeWarrior for Solaris Released

Metrowerks Inc. today announced the company has begun shipping CodeWarrior Professional for Solaris, Release 3. CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Java development tools is now available for Sun Microsystems' Solaris operating system.

This is Metrowerks first Java product for the Solaris realm. According to Metrowerks, "Java apps running on Solaris have significant performance advantages and Metrowerks' Java tools for Solaris will help programmers employ these advantages faster and easier than ever before."

CodeWarrior Professional enables programmers to develop applications for Sun Microsystems' Java Virtual Machine (JVM) using Metrowerks' own Java compiler. Developers using CodeWarrior Professional do not have to maintain and manage the build process using makefiles. The CodeWarrior Program Manager's GUI enables users to prepare and manage their projects more efficiently. The tool also allows them to develop C or C++ applications by utilizing a "GNU plug-in adapter" with CodeWarrior.

CodeWarrior Professional Release 3 is available now from Metrowerks for a retail price of $449. An academic version is available for $119. For additional information about CodeWarrior Professional, visit the Metrowerks Web site.