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NetObjects Announces ScriptBuilder 3.0

NetObjects, Inc. today announced NetObjects ScriptBuilder 3.0, a powerful scripting environment for creating dynamic, customizable Web sites.

In addition to significantly enhanced functionality, NetObjects ScriptBuilder 3.0 is the first product to support the proposed ECMA Script Component standard, bringing the power of an object oriented component architecture to script developers.

Script Components are a new technology standard introduced by NetObjects in cooperation with Netscape and IBM, which provide script authors the ability to create components using standard ECMAScript (JavaScript) and XML. By following simple conventions, script authors can encapsulate their scripting code into a component wrapper.

Scripters can then easily reuse these components in their Web pages and server-side applications, working with the component interface instead of dealing with the underlying implementation details. This increases programming efficiency and makes code reuse and management easier.

Script Components provides the only open scripting component solution on the market and are based on a de facto industry standard (JavaScript include files) and can run in the popular client and server environments today.

A trial version of the product is available immediately for download from the NetObjects Web site. The product is expected to ship in November 1998.