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Browser Victory for Web Standards Project

The Web Standards Project, an international coalition of Web developers, this week celebrated Netscape's agreement to include the NGLayout rendering engine software in the next release of its Web browser.

Netscape officials told The Web Standards Project that "due in no small part to pressure from Web developers, Navigator 5.0 will include the company's new NGLayout rendering engine." The NGLayout is the part of a Web browser that determines how Web pages will look and function. The WSP has been working on the project for the last month with a petition drive.

The drive was launched in September, when WSP launched a public campaign urging Netscape to include NGLayout, which is currently under development, after Netscape indicated that it would not be included in Navigator 5.0. Through the work of thousands of Web designers and users who signed The Web Standards Project's "I Want My NGLayout!" petition, Netscape realized that developers feel strongly about standards as a means of creating Web sites that work.

Glenn Davis, WSP co-founder and CTO of Project Cool, Inc., stated "While WSP would like to be able to claim full credit for this victory, it could not have happened without the combined efforts of the NGLayout development team and the support of the Web development community."

According to officials at Netscape, NGLayout will be 100 percent compliant with the Document Object Model (DOM) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) level 1; it will also support features of the CSS level 2 standard.

For additional information about NGLayout and Netscape's plans, visit the Mozilla Roadmap.