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O'Reilly Upgrades WebBoard

O'Reilly & Associates this week announced that WebBoard version 3.5 will be released on November 18.

The enhancements will include five new features which will make the product easier to administer and more convenient for Web site visitors. These new features include real-time paging, broadcasting, e-mail address verification, password notification by e-mail, and an SMTP server enhancement.

Real-time paging enables users to instantly communicate with other visitors. Recipients logged on to WebBoard are alerted on-screen; the page appears on top of the recipient's open windows. Users always have the choice of activating or deactivating paging on their machine.

Broadcasting enables administrators and board managers to instantly contact visitors with board-wide announcements and system-wide broadcasts. This allows them to announce time-sensitive events including live online chats or upcoming server downtime.

WebBoard 3.5's e-mail address verification prevents users from creating accounts using another's email address. Administrators can activate or deactivate this feature as they wish. The new password reminder system allows users to click on "Forgot your password?" and after filling in the user name prompt, WebBoard 3.5 sends out the password to the user via e-mail.

Version 3.5 will be available at no cost for current WebBoard 3.0 customers in late November. For additional information, visit the WebBoard site.