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ELSOP Releases LinkScan 5.1

Electronic Software Publishing Corp. (ELSOP) this week released LinkScan 5.1, consolidating several bug fixes and adding a number of improvements designed to simplify the LinkScan administration process.

Improvements to this release of LinkScan include:

  • Improved default placement of output files from command-line generated reports for greater flexibility and simplied administration
  • Simplified installation and subsequent upgrades and maintenance
  • Enhanced SiteMap customization features to make it easier to include or exclude different files from the LinkScan SiteMap and TapMap
  • Enhanced LinkScan to validate URL's contained within drop-down lists
  • Improved error detection and recovery logic associated with various system interfaces

LinkScan is available for all Unix Servers, including AIX, BSDI, FreeBSD, Digital Unix, HP/UX, IRIX, Linux, and SunOS/Solaris flavors as well as Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 servers with Perl 5.

LinkScan version 5.1 sells for a retail price of $750 dollars. For additional information, or to download an evaluation copy, visit the ELSOP Web site.