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New JavaBeans Marketplace Opens Online

Flashline.com announced today the opening of its online JavaBeans marketplace, a Web store totally devoted to the online sales of JavaBeans and other components.

Flashline is attempting to unite the fragmented component market "by bringing together software component buyers and sellers on one site and by providing documented and tested modular components designed for reuse."

The Flashline software component store enables customers to securely order components online, and the products are immediately delivered to the customer's computer. In this fashion, shoppers are able to compare the features and requirements of all the components in the repository.

The shop is now accepting applications from individual developers, companies, corporate IT developers, systems integrators, and others looking to sell their components. Flashline handles the sales transactions and comprehensive marketing activities for all vendors.

For additional information about the Flashline JavaBeans marketplace, visit the Flashline Web site.