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XSA Added to DataChannel RIO

DataChannel, Inc. this week announced that it has incorporated eXtensible Security Architecture (XSA) into DataChannel RIO, its flagship product.

DataChannel RIO provides developers with a framework they can use to create "two-way portals" on intranets and extranets. XSA embedded within DataChannel RIO enables DataChannel RIO users with a secure framework for integrating business-to-business and e-commerce applications with other information systems.

In its current release, DataChannel RIO utilizes names and passwords from Windows NT domains as part of its security functions. With the incorporation of XSA capabilities, DataChannel now includes support for fully authenticated user sessions across standard security interfaces such as X.509, ADSI, and LDAP. The company believes that "DataChannel RIO will leverage existing security systems, which will save businesses considerable development time and money, as well as greatly reduce support costs in general."

DataChannel RIO with its upcoming XSA extensions will provide a secure method of automating client-server/server-to-server transactions using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Businesses can then enable their customers to securely access critical data via the Web.

Prices for DataChannel RIO 3.1 start at $9,500 for the server with up to 100 end user licenses. The new DataChannel eXtensible Security Architecture (XSA) API will be included with the DataChannel RIO 3.2 SDK, which is due to be released in the fourth quarter of 98. For additional information, or to download a free 45-day trial of DataChannel RIO, visit the DataChannel Inc. Web site.