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BSAFE Offers Java Security

RSA Data Security, Inc. this week announced the latest versions of its cryptographic Java security products, BSAFE SSL-J protocol components and the BSAFE Crypto-J secure Java toolkit.

These products are designed to help developers strengthen the security of their Java applications while building them in a quick, efficient manner.

The new BSAFE SSL-J 2.0 component suite was created to provide developers with everything needed to implement the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) v3 protocol in Java. Potential uses of this technology include applications in banking, financial services, Web publishing, consumer and electronic commerce.

The BSAFE Crypto-J 2.0 product, formerly known as JSAFE, continues to utilize the core RSA cryptographic algorithms used in major application security standards including SSL, Secure Electronic Transaction and Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension. This release of the product adds support for Java Crypto Extensions and the Digital Signature Algorithm.

Built on RSA's new BSAFE Crypto-J product, BSAFE SSL-J provides:
  • Support for SSL v3, assuring developers a high degree of interoperability in their products
  • Support for X.509 v1 and v3 digital certificates, used for server and client authentication and verification
  • High levels of performance through session ID caching, blocking and non-blocking I/O and support for hardware accelerators and multithreaded processing
  • Simplified debugging through the use of a sophisticated error reporting system

RSA's Java security offering, when combined with BSAFE SSL-J, is designed to provide a "comprehensive, packaged security component solution," and includes multiple versions of the SSL protocol, RSA algorithms, as well as ciphers, message digests, public key ciphers, random number generators, and optional key obfuscation. BSAFE Crypto-J employs the same Java Security API developers are accustomed to using, and includes source code for sample applications and self-test modules.

The BSAFE SSL-J and BSAFE Crypto-J SDKs are available from RSA for a retail price of $295. For additional information about RSA's BSAFE technology, visit the RSA Web site.