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Funnel Web 2.5 Site Tracker Released

Active Concepts announced the release of Funnel Web 2.5, a free upgrade to its Web site analysis software that includes new features such as Regional Reporting, Mean Path through site, Domain Aggregating, Offsite Processing and extended support for several new servers and graphic formats.

The upgrade is now shipping for the Mac OS, with the Windows/NT and Unix versions scheduled to ship in the next few weeks. Funnel Web 2.5 provides rapid, detailed analysis even when the software is processing the combined files of different servers.

Funnel Web 2.5's new Mean Path through-site feature provides a representation of the path being taken by a visitor through the Web site. This makes it easy to visualize the most followed traffic pattern. The new Offsite Processing capabilities enables companies hosting their site on a remote server to automatically schedule Funnel Web to log into that server, download the log file to their desktop via FTP, process it, and then upload the report to their Web server.

The product displays the number of hits by geographic regions: Antarctica, Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Oceania. New Domain Aggregating technology allows users to map several aliases of a Web site to one report.

Funnel Web 2.5 sells for a retail price of $249 for the Standard version and $499 for the Professional version.