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Macromedia About to Deliver Dreamweaver 2

Macromedia today announced Dreamweaver 2, a new release of its professional Web authoring tool that adds new features for page design and production, visual authoring for dynamic publishing, site management, and Roundtrip XML.

The new version has some exciting new features:

Tracing: after a designer comes up with a rough image of what a page should look like, Dreamweaver will display it as a scaled-back image in background, so developers can more easily code the page to lay out like the design.

Layered Design: works with 3.0 browsers (using tables). You can specify the exact precision of the WYSIWYG-to-code translation, as well as the table size, so you'll get clean code, rather than tables filled with 1-pixel images.

Import to Spec: change the source formatting of imported HTML documents to match your "house style"

Live Media Playback and Server-Side Content Preview: directly from Dreamweaver: you don't have to keep flipping to your browser.

Visual Site Map: for site management.

Global Search and Replace: can change the word "burger", for instance, only if it's within a table, or only change a color if it's in a BODY BGCOLOR tag.

Automatic Link Management: now professional designers can deal with links as easily as if they were using FrontPage

Dream Templates: design a page, save it as a template, and lock certain sections, so that a coder can come along and use it as a template for a new page without screwing something up.

Roundtrip XML: they're ready for the next century! You can define your own XML tags and objects and property inspectors (Dreamweaver will store them) and nothing will be changed, whether going in or out of Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver 2 will be available in December 1998 simultaneously for Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 or later, and MacOS 7.5.5 or later. Macromedia will offer upgrades for previous customers, and a specially-priced bundle that will include its Fireworks product. Like the first version, it will include the latest version of either BBEdit or HomeSite. For more information or to download a free 30-day trial version, visit the Dreamweaver site.