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Cyberprise Available in Unix Platform

Wall Data Inc.Wednesday announced that the Unix platform is now included in its Cyberprise family of products.

Unix users can now work with products including Cyberprise Server 2.0, Enterprise Edition for HP-UX and Cyberprise Host 2.0, Enterprise Edition for HP-UX. These Web applications are designed to create secure applications for online transactions.

Cyberprise Server 2.0 is a highly scalable server made to allow up to 10,000 users to connect concurrently. It uses XML and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to enable content and channel management. The product includes three methods of extending the server environment, and adding custom extensions.

The Cyberprise Server features:

  • DSP (Dynamic Server Pages)--the Perl equivalent of Active Server Pages
  • Remote Shared Object Invocation, providing the ability for shared libraries to be accessed remotely via HTTP
  • In Process Perl Script which has the ability to create CGI-type Perl scripts that don't result in a new process invocation

Cyberprise Host Pro includes a set of ActiveX controls that delivers the full functionality needed for mission-critical access. The tool also provides rich support of mainframe, AS/400 and Unix/VAX systems by using features such as GDDM graphics for the mainframe, TN5250E printing for the AS/400 and graphical terminal support for Unix/VAX.

Both products are scheduled to become available Nov. 13. Retail prices for the server range from $25,000 for 1,000 users to U.S. $100,000 for up to 10,000 users. The host utility retails for $200 per concurrent user.