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Macromedia Unveils Director 7 Shockwave Internet Studio

Macromedia Inc. Monday announced Director 7 Shockwave Internet Studio, the new version of their multimedia authoring tool, as well as a matching Shockwave 7 player.

The name change is an attempt to link the Director name with the more well-known Shockwave brand, since not everyone realizes that Director is the creation tool for Shockwave content.

Director 7 now supports Internet standard protocols such as HTML, with links to all Director-supported media types (text, graphics, sound, video, and animation), HTTP for media distribution, HTTPS for secure e-commerce transactions, XML for data exchange, CGI POST for two-way communication and updated support for Java. Compressed "Shocked" fonts are downloaded as part of the presentation, but can be edited even at run time. New drag-and-drop behaviors in Director 7 include multi-state buttons, progress bars, rotation, and scale effects.

The full Studio product will includes Macromedia Fireworks, a Web graphic tool, as well as Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge XP4 or BIAS Peak LE for sound editing. A multi-user server will also be included for creating distributed Shockwave experiences such as multi-player games and online chat rooms, although it will run on Mac and Windows 95/98/NT only, not Unix. It will be available in December simultaneously on the Mac and Windows platforms. For more information, see http://www.macromedia.com/software/director.