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IBM Introduces XML Web Site and New XML Tools

IBM today demonstrated a new collection of XML tools, applications and resources, along with its new XML technology Web site.

Many of the new technologies will be available for customers and developers to download from IBM's alphaWorks Web site.

IBM showed its support for the development of the XML standard with the announcement of a corporate membership in the Graphic Communications Association (GCA) and the launch of a Web site totally devoted to supplying the latest XML information, tools and resources to developers and customers. IBM looks at XML as yet another important component which extends the capabilities of e-businesses.

In addition to making the new XML tools available on IBMs alphaWorks Web site, a CD containing the technologies will be distributed this week at XML '98. Specifically, the new XML technologies are:

  • Bean Markup Language (BML) - BML is an XML-based language used for accessing and configuring JavaBeans; it can be used to create new beans, access and configure beans, bind events from some beans to other beans, and call arbitrary methods in beans.
  • The XML Editor Maker - The XML Editor Maker automatically builds visual editors from XML schemas; given a DTD, the Editor Maker builds a Java editor that can be used to edit XML documents.
  • DataCraft - DataCraft provides an XML view of databases and enables the publishing the XML forms to the Web. The current implementation is built for IBM's DB/2 and Microsoft Access.
  • Dynamic XML with Java - Dynamic XML with Java adds XML power to server-side Java and Java-based work flow applications.
  • PatML - PatML is a pattern match and replacement system for transforming XML documents to XML or non-XML documents.
  • TeXML - TeXML is an XML document formatting solution which provides a path from XML into the TeX formatting language.
  • XML BeanMaker - XML BeanMaker eliminates the required writing of Java classes to process XML documents; XML BeanMaker automatically generates Java bean classes for any given Document Type Definition (DTD), and code to provide evidence in support of those beans.
  • XMLTreeDiff - XMLTreeDiff is a package of beans that provide the ability to efficiently differentiate and update DOM trees, similar to how "diff" and "patch" differentiate and update data files.
  • XML Productivity Kit - The XML Productivity Kit is a companion technology to the XML Parser for Java, and provides the next level of programming resources needed to build and deploy XML applications using Java.

IBM's new XML Web site is entirely dedicated to XML technologies. IBM calls the site "the portal to a pool of markup language expertise that dates back to the invention of GML in 1969." The company hopes to provide unique information about XML and links to other XML resources on the Web.