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SoftQuad Announces XMetaL, XML/SGML Authoring Tool

SoftQuad Software Inc. this week announced its latest product, XMetaL, the XML/SGML Authoring Tool, which provides XML developers with a word processing-like environment and a rich array of powerful authoring aids.

The tool features multiple document views and context-sensitive property inspectors, and is designed for ease of use and deployment for corporate developers who work with structured documents. The user interface features configurable window management, customizable toolbars and tear-off menus.

XMetaL reduces costs by enabling authors to directly create content in the format already being used by the developer's existing publishing system. XMetaL's Resource Manager provides drag-and-drop management of boilerplate text, document fragments, logos and macros, both locally and across networks. For delivering customization and integration services, the tool supports most industry standard interfaces, including COM, DOM, JavaScript and VBScript.

XMetaL produces documents that conform to XML and SGML DTDs, and numerous standards such as SGML, XML, CALS tables, DOM, CSS and HTML. It provides users with the ability to save SGML documents as XML, which provides a simple migration path from SGML to XML. The product also supports the inclusion of HTML constructs such as forms, tables and links.

SoftQuad's XMetaL is scheduled to be released in March 1999 for a retail price of $495. For additional information, visit the SoftQuad Web site.