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docSpace Developer Network Releases Java Servlets

The docSpace Company this week announced its new Web site and Developer Network, focusing on Java Servlets as the power behind the docSpace Enterprise technology and a standard platform for building function specific Web-based file applications.

The Developer Network reveals the details of how docSpace can achieve cross-platform interoperability without the need for re-development--through the use of Java Servlets. docSpace utilizes existing protocols such as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and XML (Extended Markup Language), and leverages the power of Java Servlets.

docSpace file service applications allow businesses to exchange information by using docSpace Express, docSpace Direct and docSpace Manager, all managed by the docSpace Admin.

The Developer Network features general resources along with information that is exclusive to members, such as docSpace Technology documentation, resources, discussion groups and the tools used to create secure docSpace file service applications or customize existing docSpace applications. Additionally, docSpace's new Web site includes information about the docSpace application platform.

For additional information about the docSpace Developer Network and Java Servlets, visit the docSpace Company Web site.