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Innovision Unveils New XML Protocol Server

Innovision Corp. Tuesday released its second-generation, distributed XML Protocol Server with development toolkits. The tool is built upon Innovision's core technology, which the company believes makes it possible for users to take advantage of the power of XML.

Innovision's XML Protocol Server utilizes the same core Java/CORBA architecture as that of the company's OFX server. Its new XML development tools enable developers to design complete Web applications. Among the product's features:

  • The ability to create seamless connections to XML protocols using industry-standard Document Object Model (DOM) APIs
  • An XML object generator that uses Document Type Definitions (DTDs) to automatically create PSOMs for use on both the client and server side
  • Value-added Web development tools for Java that are scriptable using JavaScript and or JScript
  • A simplified integration environment which can connect to leading back-end and database systems
  • Identical support for cross browsers, high/low-end browsers and other embedded client devices
  • Support for industry- and custom-defined XML protocols
  • An integrated, Web-based development environment

The beta release of the Innovision XML Protocol Server is available from the Innovision Web site. It is scheduled to become available for Sun Solaris and Windows NT platforms early next year.