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ChartWorks Releases WebSight Server Monitor, Analysis Tool

ChartWorks Inc. this week announced the release of WebSight 1.0, a "chart-centric" application for the real-time monitoring and analysis of Web server activity.

WebSight allows Web server administrators to identify problems, track usage and spot the utilization trends of their Web server.

WebSight 1.0 provides admins with real-time and historical chart displays showing the number of hits, the number of bytes transmitted, the most commonly acccessed pages and the domains from which visitors arrive. The tool extracts and graphs data from standard Web server log files, enabling users to select and graph the data elements they wish to monitor. Users can also drill down into the graphs to view the data for different time periods, including days, weeks, months and years.

The product was created using the ChartWorks System to generate dynamic online charts. The ChartWorks System includes ChartExpress for rapid chart design and the NetCharts graphic-rendering engine. WebSight was developed using 100 percent Java code and, as such, supports any Java-enabled client which supports JDK 1.1x. All generated applets may be viewed using any JDK 1.1 compatible Web browser.

WebSight 1.0 is available now at an introductory price of $295 per server with unlimited user access. For additional information, visit the ChartWorks Web site.