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Java/Perl Lingo Tool Now Freely Available

In another victory for advocates of freeware, Java/Perl Lingo (JPL), the software which enables programmers to utilize the strengths of both Java and Perl in the same environment, is now available for free as open source software.

Until this announcement, Java/Perl Lingo has been available only as a part of O'Reilly & Associates' Perl Resource Kit-Unix Edition. JPL was developed by Larry Wall, Senior Software Developer at O'Reilly & Associates and the original creator of Perl.

The goal of the JPL project has been to seamlessly unite the two languages in a manner which enables them to complement the other's strengths. While Java is perfect for accessing computers and data over a network or the Internet, Perl is typically used for system administration and interactive Web sites. JPL allows developers to utilize Java methods with Perl and enables Perl code to access Java using the Java Native Interface (JNI).

The JPL tool, along with its source code, are available for download as part of Perl version 5.005_54 from the Perl Web site.