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Sun Delivers Java 2 Platform

Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the release of the Java 2 platform, formerly known as "JDK 1.2," and includes significant performance improvements, a flexible security model and a complete set of Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs).

With this release, Sun is hoping to provide developers with the speed, security and functionality necessary to create "interoperable, mission-critical enterprise applications." Java 2 was developed by utilizing the input of nearly 200 Java software licensees along with tens of thousands of Java programmers.

New features of the Java 2 platform include:

  • Java Security Model - The Java 2 platform security model includes new features such as Policy-based access control and Certificate interfaces

Performance Enhancements, including:

  • Native thread support for Solaris operating environment
  • Memory compression for loaded classes
  • Faster memory allocation and improved garbage collection
  • Pluggable virtual machine architecture for other virtual machines
  • New Just in Time (JIT) compiler
  • Java Native Interface (JNI) conversion

    Java Foundation Classes, which include:

  • The Project Swing set of GUI components
  • Drag & Drop
  • Java 2D API which provides new 2D and AWT graphics capabilities as well as printing support
  • The Java look and feel interface
  • A new Accessibility API

Globalization - new features include:

  • Input Method Framework which supports Japanese, Chinese, and Korean characters
  • Complex output using the Java 2D API to provide a bi-directional, high-quality display of Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and other character languages
  • Java Plug-in for Web browsers, which provides a runtime that is fully compatible with the Java virtual machine
  • Java IDL (Interface Definition Language) API, which provides standards-based distributed computing interoperability with CORBA
  • Java Database Connectivity 2.0 (JDBCtm 2.0) Enhancements, with improved performance and stability
  • Collections Framework - represents and manipulates collections for development efficiency and allows interoperability among unrelated APIs

For additional information, or to download the Java 2 platform, visit the Sun Java 2 Site.