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iTool Enables Developers to Build the Web via the Web

iTOOL Technologies this week announced iEDIT, a tool which enables users to develop a Web site using only a browser.

iEDIT enables non-programmers to create, modify, update or add to their Web site by logging in to a secure account directly from their Web browser. iEDIT features a standard authoring interface which helps users manage their Internet content in a fashion similar to traditional editors.

iTOOL Technologies believes creating a Web site should be as easy as preparing a Microsoft Word document. While other developer tools include WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) features, iTOOL is the first to enable WYSIWYG development using the Web browser.

Along with the development tool, iTOOL provides Web hosting services which include:

  • Online Database development tools
  • Online Database management tools
  • A rapid application development environment (ColdFusion)
  • Online e-mail management tools
  • Online WYSIWYG site editor (iEDIT)
  • Online shopping system
  • A DNS server running on a fully relational database
  • Microsoft ASP and FrontPage extensions
  • Complete account management and tracking
  • A reseller program which allows the reseller to modify the look, feel and pricing of the iTOOL solution

iTOOL's fees start at $24.95 a month for a standard site, $49.95 for an online shopping store or e-commerce site or $99.95 for a larger enterprise site.