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Rapid Logic Releases JavaControl 2.2

Rapid Logic Inc. recently announced the release of JavaControl version 2.2, its software development kit which provides Java developers with SNMP support, increased power and reduced development time for networked device management.

JavaControl version 2.2 will feature MIBway, a new SNMP MIB inheritance technology that will enable developers to add embedded functions to network and office or home devices using "single-click technologies."

MIBway enables network device manufacturers to leverage their previous SNMP work directly in HTML, JavaScript programs, and Java applets without using any specialized tools, compiling or code revision.

JavaControl utilizes Rapid Logic's OpenControl Backplane(OCB), an embedded management architecture which is used like a bi-directional data dictionary of elements in the device. OCB enables developers to customize the look, feel and function of device management interfaces.

By using JavaControl's visual RAD integration tool, device vendors "can expose their product's embedded functions to the Java applets/applications for display, data manipulation and real-time interactive control" without requiring the re-engineering or re-compiling of any underlying embedded C code.

New features of this release of JavaControl include a visual RAD environment with the ability to generate Java applications and applets. The new RAD environment enables developers to view object associations, making it easier to remove them when needed. The tool is Java 1.1 and JavaBean compliant, and includes JDK 1.1.5.

The JavaControl SDK is available from Rapid Logic with prices starting at $45,000.