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IBM, Lotus Debut LotusXSL Processor

IBM and its Lotus subsidiary this week announced the release of the LotusXSL processor, which the two companies hailed as one of the first Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) implementations to be based on the W3C's newly released working draft of the XSL specification.

The XSL specification provides developers with a flexible, simple way to convert XML to HTML and other formats, including Precision Graphics Markup Language (PGML), for viewing within a user's Web browser or other Web-enabled devices.

By using LotusXSL, the data formatting process is a simple matter of making a change to a single stylesheet. This document helps to define the page layout and is used to modify how the data is presented without making any changes to the data itself. One style sheet can be applied to a broad class of data sources, making the presentation of the data the same even on different client devices.

For additional information, or to download the LotusXSL processor, visit IBM's alphaWorks Web Site.