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XML-based RightDoc Dynamically Generates Content

RightDoc Co. Monday released RightDoc 1.0, its XML-based content management and publishing engine. RightDoc dynamically generates XML documents in Enterprise- or Web server-based Visual Basic, C++, J++, Delphi, Excel, Access applications.

RightDoc extends the power of these applications by dynamically generating "visually appealing, highly personalized" XML-based forms, reports, billing statements, legal contracts, letters and other documents. It also enables developers to incorporate XML-based document infrastructures in their applications.

The product features built-in variable text merging, along with conditional formatting and processing and enables companies to create sets of "Smart" documents, with each document having the ability to edit itself based on the data that is provided.

RightDoc's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) enables developers to tightly integrate their application line of business variable data with business rules, math calculations, variable formatting styles, and reusable textual components. This facilitates the dynamic creation of layout intensive pages from separate reusable content, styles and application data.

Form-based editors included in RightDoc aid in the creation and modification of processing tags, styles and style properties and XML entities, which provides an easy transition to XML. The product was designed to allow "developers" to be middle-level users, including system or business analysts, or even entry-level programmers.

RightDoc is selling for an introductory price of $249 per development seat and is available for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT.