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Real Enhances QuickTime Support

Streaming media pioneer Real Networks Inc. Tuesday announced it would enhance its support of the QuickTime authoring format. The company also debuted RealProducer G2 for the Mac which will allow Web developers to author in QuickTime and take advantage of G2's advanced capabilities.

Real said the new release gives Macintosh users the ability to experience a broad range of Internet media using a single player. The preview release of RealPlayer G2 for the Mac can be downloaded here.

Philip Rosedale, RealNetwork's chief technology officer, said his company's new Mac products and increased QuickTime support allows content authors to take full advantage of Real's technology.

"By providing our Macintosh customers with a seamless authoring process that takes advantage of the export features built into QuickTime, we are enabling content developers to easily take advantage of RealNetworks' media delivery solutions and access the more than 43 million registered users of RealPlayer," he said.

The G2 player for the Mac gives Mac users the ability to view and listen to G2 streaming media. The player also includes technology from Intel that enhances video quality for both dial-up and high-bandwidth customers.

RealProducer G2 will be publicly released in about 90 days.