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Active Concepts Releases Funnel Web 3.0

Active Concepts this week announced the release of Funnel Web 3.0 for the Mac OS. Funnel Web 3.0 features streaming analysis for real-time traffic monitoring and processing large logs, platform-independent remote control, and event messaging and notification.

By using Funnel Web's new streaming analysis engine, the tool is able to process very large log files while using only small amounts of RAM, and monitor site traffic in real-time. Additionally, Funnel Web 3.0 has the ability to be controlled and administered remotely and can notify the user when pre-defined events occur on the site.

Funnel Web's new platform independent remote control feature makes it possible to run a copy of Funnel Web on any server and remotely access and control the application from any desktop machine. New event messaging and notification enables administrators to constantly monitor their Web site for events such as user accesses and download limits. When these events occur, messages are sent to the appropriate person. According to Active Concepts, Funnel Web is more than 50 times faster than its major competitors.

Funnel Web 3.0 is available for the Mac OS. The standard version retails for $249 and the Professional version is $499.