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ActiveState Tool Premiers PerlDirect

ActiveState Tool Corp. this week premiered PerlDirect, a complete Perl support program designed for corporate IS/IT managers looking to expand the use of the Perl scripting language.

The PerlDirect program provides users of Perl with reliability, stability and accountability through its features, which include:

  • validated, quality-assured releases of Perl and its popular extensions
  • advice and support
  • Y2K Test Suite
  • a Perl Alert weekly bulletin
By providing validated releases, ActiveState gives developers instant access to the most recent and popular Perl modules. At the same time, it also provides users with the security that is required for "mission-critical" software. These Perl releases and extensions are all quality-assured and tested.

The quarterly PerlDirect CD also includes the pre-compiled Perl binaries for Windows and popular Unix platforms, tools and utilities for Windows NT-Unix portability and unrestricted distribution rights within the user's company.

Additionally, the PerlDirect package includes incident-based support from the http://www.PerlClinic.com">Perl Clinic, a technical support service that ActiveState maintains. The Perl Clinic staff includes well-known Perl specialists Tim Bunce, Gurusamy Sarathy and Chip Salzenberg.

To help Perl users insure Year 2000 compliance, ActiveState has created a Y2K toolkit for Perl developers. PerlDirect's Y2K Test Suite provides a set of tools for identifying potential Y2K problem areas and enables the testing of Perl and Perl modules on a system using installed Perl components.

The Perl Alert newsletter provides timely information about significant Perl-related issues, new modules, bugs, and new releases, with special alerts issued as needed. PerlDirect's basic annual subscription rates start at $12,000.