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NetClue Announces Component-Based, HTML Rendering Engine in Java

NetClue Tuesday released CLUE, a pure Java component which features what NetClue believes is "the best HTML presentation quality of all Java implementations." The introduction of CLUE means that the public's wait for a Java-based Web browser is over.

The designers at NetClue realized that the existing Web browsers are difficult to customize and integrate into applications. With CLUE, NetClue hopes to make it easier to develop "web-aware" applications. Until now, most Web applications are hosted inside the Web browser. By using NetClue's webcore technology, the traditional roles of applications and browsers will be reversed. Developers will be able to run their applications outside of the Web browser, yet still be "Web-aware."

NetClue's webcore technology is Java-based, and supports the Java 2 platform. The size of the Clue component is small, weighing in at just over 100 kilobytes. The compact code size will enable software vendors to embed CLUE in their applications.