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W3C Announces the Release of Jigsaw 2.0 Web Server

The World Wide Web Consortium Thursday released a stable open source version of Jigsaw, its award-winning Java Web server. Jigsaw was created so developers can experiment with new server technologies.

The latest version of Jigsaw features an architecture which aids in the evaluation of new Web protocols. Jigsaw also enables faster Web access by using HTTP/1.1 along with an open source implementation of the Java servlet interface. Jigsaw was developed using Java which means it is supported on most platforms. Because of its smart caching mechanisms, Jigsaw is at least as fast as the other popular Web servers.

Jigsaw was designed to simplify the process of implementing and evaluating new ideas for Web protocols and servers; new protocol parts can be added to the server without the need to restart it. The W3C has used Jigsaw to evaluate many technologies, including:

  • The development of new HTTP/1.1 protocol standard - HTTP/1.1 provides significant performance benefits over the previous version
  • Distributed publishing - Jigsaw provides a simple method of publishing documents on the Web
  • Base for PICS label bureau - PICS is the W3C technology for content-labeling; a label bureau allows third parties to label Web content
  • RDF syntax checker - RDF is the W3C technology for describing metadata
  • HTTP extension testbed - W3C has created a framework for systematic extensions to the HTTP protocol
  • Shared Web caches via IP multicast - sharing different Web caches between users can greatly improve their performance; Jigsaw utilizes an IP multicast-based protocol for cache sharing
  • Better performance using the HTTP/1.1 Standard - users served by Jigsaw 2.0 will welcome the performance gain provided by the HTTP/1.1 standard
  • Servlets Support - Jigsaw 2.0 supports the latest version of the Java servlet API, along with CGI scripts, server-side includes and "Jigsaw Resources"
  • Easy Administration - the JigAdmin tool that comes with Jigsaw 2.0 provides administrators with control over all the resources handled by the server and the server's own configuration

For additional information, or to download the Jigsaw server, visit the W3C's Jigsaw area.