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InstantObjects Ships E-Commerce Tool

InstantObjects Inc. Monday released its flagship product, InstantObjects, an integrated Java platform for rapid development, deployment and maintenance of e-Business Web sites.

InstantObjects is completely based on a GUI model and contains basic building blocks of code, which they call "business plug-ins," to help get a site up and running quickly. It can operate with legacy databases and due to its Java architecture, runs on Windows NT, Unix, and Mac OS environments or all three at once, if you like.

According to the vendor, InstantObjects automatically manages a Web site's underlying data structure and makes it possible for even a non-technical site administrator to update the entire site in real time. Special modules for e-commerce and databases let you link into already-existing systems or operate on their own. For instance, InstantCommerce can process credit card transactions via CyberSource and InstantDBA and InstantExtractor work together to take legacy data, import it and manage it within InstantObjects.

A multi-threaded Java server is included, as is a library of sample sites and templates.