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Mainstay Releases JustEdit Plus Web Page Editor

Mainstay this week announced the release of JustEdit Plus, a Java applet which enables the manual and automatic editing of Web pages through the use of a standard Web browser.

A Web page is manually edited in the applet's HTML editing window or the developer can automatically edit the page by filling in fields in the applet's editing window, which updates specific selections of a Web page.

JustEdit Plus enables "on the fly updates" of items such as headlines, prices, dates or typos such as broken or changed links. Mainstay believes that the tool's simplicity will enable a relatively unskilled person to update the pages of a Web site.

By using JustEdit Plus, the developer doesn't have to start an FTP application, find a source file, download the file from the Web, start their HTML editor, make the changes, save the changes, then re-upload the file. Pages can be edited from anywhere using a standard Web browser. To manually edit a page, the user just specifies a path to a Web page and then directly modifies the HTML code.

The JustEdit Plus applet is included as a part of a Web page, and requires no server-side applications, scripts, CGIs, or plug-ins. The tool features the same level of security as that of other typical Web pages. Similar to FTP clients, the tool requires both a name and a password for read/write access to Web pages.

JustEdit Plus sells for an introductory price of $99.95 for a single user license, with multi-user and ISP pricing available. For additional information, or to download a fully functional, free promotional version, visit the Mainstay Web site.