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Digi-Net Releases Java Chat Upgrade

Digi-Net Technologies Wednesday announced the release of DigiChat v1.5, a major upgrade to its interactive Java chat software. This release has many new features that enable Web sites to feature interactive, real-time chat for a price below those of competing chat solutions.

Features in this release of DigiChat include:

  • enhanced performance on all systems, with up to a ten fold performance improvement under heavy loads
  • increased stability on both the DigiChat Server and DigiChat Applet
  • a streamlined and updated installation process
  • fully supports virtual chat hosting, so you can run hundreds of chat sites independently on a single DigiChat Enterprise Edition version
  • support "kicking and banning" of troublesome chat users
  • Password Protected Rooms, DigiPost "Push Technology," room transcripts in HTML format, live URL detection in the chat window, enhanced chat broadcasting, enhancements to the Server Console, and more.

The DigiChat Server supports all platforms with a Java Virtual Machine, including Mac, WindowsNT/9x, Unix/BSD, Linux, Solaris, and others. DigiChat Server is available now from the DigiChat Online Store a retail price of $395 for the Small Business Edition and $795 for the Enterprise Edition. For additional information about DigiChat v1.5, visit the DigiChat Web site.