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Feith Introduces Djvuer Images Tool

Feith Systems & Software Inc. this week released DjVuer, a new image tool.

DjVuer was created by Feith along with AT&T Labs, which developed the breakthrough DjVu technology that compresses images with ratios as high as 1000:1. With this release, graphic professionals and content creators can utilize AT&T Labs' DjVu technology to create "higher apparent resolution" color images on the Web.

The images are up to 5-10 times smaller than any Web compression technology currently available on the market. Users can scan high-resolution color pages of books, magazines, catalogs, manuals or other documents and make them available on the Web.

Typical high-resolution color images which contain both text and pictures are 40 to 80 kilobytes, five to 10 times smaller than JPEGs. Black-and-white pages become 10 to 20 times smaller than JPEG and five times smaller than traditional GIFs.

Users can download DjVuer and create up to 50 images in AT&T's DjVu format at no cost. DjVuer enables users to scan or import files and save them in the DjVu format.

The DjVuer software is available for Microsoft Windows users, while free browser plug-ins available from AT&T's DjVu site enable cross-platform viewing of the images created by the tool. Additionally, plug-ins are available for other operating systems, including Macintosh OS8, Solaris, Linux and many varieties of Unix.