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Java for Mac Faster Than Ever

Apple this week released the latest Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) version 2.1. This release is designed to run today's real-world Java applications, offers full compatibility with version 1.1.6 of Sun's Java Development Kit, and according to Apple, is up to five times faster than previous versions.

This release also enables Macintosh developers to extend the capabilities of Java applications "by coupling them to core Apple technologies" such as QuickTime and AppleScript.

Mac OS Runtime for Java 2.1 includes the following technologies and features:

  • Symantec's Just In Time (JIT) compiler for Java, as well as other enhancements which together increase the speed of Mac Java software up to 500 percent
  • Compliance with Sun's JDK version 1.1.6, bringing new Java features to the Mac OS and maximum compatibility with current Java apps
  • AppleScript, which makes Java programs scriptable
  • Support for QuickTime for Java, which is planned as part of an upcoming release of QuickTime
  • Support for Swing, a set of user interface technologies which enable users to create a Macintosh look for their applets and applications

For additional information about the MRJ 2.1, or to download the latest release, visit the Apple Java Site.