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Tek-Tools Ships JForge 2.60 GUI-Builder

Tek-Tools, Inc. Thursday released JForge 2.60, its Graphical User Interface (GUI) builder that enables developers to create platform-independent user interfaces.

JForge is compatible with the latest Java Development Kit version 1.2. The tool features a dynamic drag-and-drop menu builder and a WYSIWYG interface for quick JavaBean and GUI forms creation.

JForge is compatible with standard or third-party JavaBeans, components or layout managers and supports JFC/Swing. Since the builder utilizes non-proprietary components, the user interfaces it creates are not tied to the GUI builder and may be easily bundled with other applications. JForge can also be configured to use specialized JavaBeans by using its Extended BeanInfo Interface.

The tool includes many new GUI design and prototyping features, including a free-form developer interface for component placement, a visual GridBag Layout Editor and a sophisticated color tool. JForge's customization features include:

  • A public menu and tool bar class that can be reconfigured to suit the developer
  • A code generation filter for fine-tuning the source code generator
  • Improved Bean and Builder integration through Extended BeanInfo interfaces
  • Advanced Application Programmer Interface (API) provides Bean convenience routines and hooks in specific sections of the application
  • Application section replacement capabilities
  • Event Multicaster for notification of changes to and from external tools

JForge ships with a set of tutorials which describe the tool's features, functionality, and customization capabilities. A 30-day demo of JForge can be downloaded from the Tek-Tools, Inc. Web site. Retail price starts at $99 for a single developer license, with academic and volume quantity pricing available.