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MetaCreations Releases Web Advertising Headline Studio

MetaCreations Corp. Friday released Headline Studio, its dynamic new software which enables Web professionals to create animated, broadcast-quality Web advertising banners.

MetaCreations Headline Studio provides developers with all the tools required to quickly create high-impact, animated GIF banner ads that can be viewed using any Web browser at multiple bandwidths. Headline Studio allows the developer to utilize video effects such as walk-ins, dissolves and fades for images and text, including lines, words or individual letters.

This release of Headline Studio includes customizable, Web-safe color palettes, an unlimited undo function and the ability to specify GIF animation size and frame rate even after the animation has been designed.

Headline Studio is the first MetaCreations product to become available online for users to buy and download. The product is available now for both Windows and Macintosh platforms directly from MetaCreations' new electronic software purchase and delivery area. For additional information about Headline Studio or to see the tool in action, visit the MetaCreations Web site.