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Flashline.com Launches Beans By Design

Flashline.com this week announced Beans By Design, the first online JavaBeans outsourcing service to use a double-blind, sealed bidding system.

The Beans By Design service matches Java developers with companies looking for specific custom components. Beans By Design is the latest step towards meeting Flashline's goal of creating a true marketplace for reusable software components.

By using the Beans By Design service, the typical time and costs of searching for components or building them from scratch can be significantly reduced. Beans By Design was designed so a company can locate the most appropriate developer to build a custom JavaBean without excessive time or expense.

The Beans By Design process combines the concepts of online auctions, matchmaking services and recruiting systems. It is a free service that will eventually expand to include ActiveX and COM components. The Beans By Design service proceeds as follows:

  1. Companies looking to request custom JavaBeans submit a "Bean Request," stating the nature of the project, specifications, due date, support, requirements, etc.; both the bidder and the developer remain anonymous
  2. An email is forwarded to all registered developers notifying them of a new Bean Request
  3. Registered developers who agree to build the JavaBean submit a sealed bid
  4. When the bidding closes, the company selects the winning developer; the winning and losing bidders are notified by email
  5. The company and developer carry out the project on their own

For additional information about Beans By Design, or to start the process, visit the Beans By Design Web site.