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AceExpert 3 HTML Editor Has Image Browsing

Visicom Media recently introduced AceExpert 3, the latest version of its HTML editor, which now has powerful facilities for browsing images.

With a brand new interface, it is also said to be much easier to use, while offering a whole range of tools for the experienced Web designer.

Patrice Carrenard, Visicom's president, noted that image management is not a strong feature of many HTML editors.

"So we created the best image browser there is in AceExpert," she said. With it comes a collection of 2500 high-quality graphics, plus 20 ready-to-use Web site templates for those designers who want a quick solution.

Among the features of AceExpert 3 are: spell checker; page size and transfer duration estimator; 50 ready-to-use Java applets; 17 predefined JavaScripts and DHTML Scripts; WYSIWYG tables; and an internal browser. Its Code Explorer feature allows users to locate links or graphics very quickly with a click of the mouse.

AceExpert 3 supports AceFTP, the vendor's powerful FTP client application. For pricing and other details, please see the vendor's site.