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JET Enables PCs To Access Mainframes Over Internet

Platypus Partners LLC this week released JET 2.2 and JET API, new Java-based software which enables PC access to mainframe legacy applications over the Internet.

The two products Web-enable IBM and Tandem mainframes by incorporating older mainframe standards with Java technology.

JET 2.2 is a Java-based terminal emulator which allows PC and Unix workstations to access IBM 3270 or Tandem 6530 mainframe applications using an IP address. JET API enables developers to provide IBM legacy applications with a new graphical user interface, getting rid of the traditional "green screens."

JET 2.2 features the familiar look and feel of a Microsoft Windows GUI. According to Platypus, the product is the first Java emulator which delivers file transfer and multiple host configuration options directly from the desktop. JET 2.2 supports multiple IBM and Tandem host sessions to Windows, Unix, Linux and OS/2 workstations over a single connection, and includes new control parameters via the Web server.

The JET API enables developers to write new IBM 3270 user interfaces which effectively disguise the traditional green screens. The JET API uses the new OHIO draft interface, and supports Windows, Unix and Linux development workstations and can be utilized to create Java applets or applications.

JET 2.2 retails for $99 per concurrent user with no server fee. A JET API developer's license retails for $995 per user while an end user runtime license is $59 per concurrent user. For additional information, or to download a trial versions of JET 2.2 or JET API, visit the Platypus Partners Web site.